1800 Web Browser Scam – What to do.

At the start of the year I posted an alert to yet another Internet scam doing the rounds again. The symptoms are that while you are browsing the Internet, you click on some ransom site or advert and suddenly it would appear that you you have lost control over your Internet browser. (See picture to the left)


In reality, this is nothing serious, just an annoyance. Unless of course you call the fraudulent “toll free” number…..

Don’t Panic! You are not infected, you just can’t look at the Internet until the fake warning note has been cleared. We will now show you how to get rid of this pest.

A. How to force your Internet browser closed.

Hold down the “Ctrl” and “Alt” buttons on your keyboard. While you continue to hold these buttons, tap the “Delete” or “Del” button. This will bring up your Admin Menu. (you can then release the buttons)

  1. Click on the option “Task Manager”

  2. Select the offending Web Browser (in this case Microsoft Edge) and click on the end task button located in the bottom right hand corner of the task manager.  See below:

Part B. Open up your browser again a different way.

From here, each computer will be different according to how it is setup, but the gist of what to do is to open a saved link on your desktop or start menu that directs you to another page rather than picking up where you left off. For Warragul Computer Repair Windows 10 users, then you will likely find a convenient link already created for you called “Homepage -” via the start menu. Just click the link and close the internet browser once more to clear any saved tabs, and your scammer is gone.

Note: If this looks a bit hard, then drop into Warragul Computer Repair, and have us get this fixed up for you, in most cases while you wait. The most important thing is:  Don’t panic!

Right click, save as the following for a printable version: 1800-scam-printable