Computer/telephone scams on the rise in Baw Baw

Baw Baw locals are reporting more telephone scams than usual. Here’s how to stay safe.

We have been visited by more telephone scam victims than we were expecting this year, and the rate of victims coming through our doors hasn’t slowed down.

What’s concerning is the scammers are using new tactics to convince people to do what they say. In fact most of the people who have been affected recently are very switched on and cautious by nature.

In these recent cases the scammer has been playing dumb to lull their victim into thinking they could “get them back.” In these cases the scammer still won.

Don’t think you can outsmart these people, no matter how dumb they might seem.

Never trust anyone who calls or emails about your computer or device. They have no way of knowing you might have an issue, so don’t feel pressured to do what they say.

If your computer tells you you need to do something, there’s a good chance that message is coming from a scammer with their foot in the door.

If you’re concerned about a message or call you have received, you can bring your computer to us at 6 Smith Street, Warragul. Early intervention can prevent you from losing your life savings.

Of course, if you think your accounts have been compromised then contact your financial institution immediately.

If you receive a call or email from someone claiming you need to change something on your device, under no circumstances follow their instructions or give them any information, even your name.

Image: a screenshot of one scam discovered locally this week.