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    Free downloadable Checklist to help avoid fraud and scam attacks

    With successful scammer attacks on the rise, we have produced a checklist for your phone and your computer of things to do… and things not to do to help you avoid being the victim of a phone/computer-fraud based scam attack. This is a free download and is to be used only in addition to the security recommendations from your bank. Please also ask your bank about ways they can also help you to protect your online bank accounts. Click the “Checklist to help avoid fraud and scam attacks” link for your free copy now.

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    Make sure your email recovery options are updated AND CORRECT!

    Email account lockdown warning (Along with a solution) Among other threats, the well covered media around the Optus and Medicare data breaches has sent digital suppliers globally scrambling to tighten security, or at least seen to be trying. And in its wake, we have seen more frequently the following knee jerk security solution: “Email account locked down!” This may well protect your email account from unauthorised use such as hackers, but sudden email lockdown can have devastating effects especially if you rely on your email for business, medical or family contact. What causes an email account to be locked down? When you setup your account you are asked a few…

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    Did your PC’s speed just tank?

    We’ve become aware of an issue with the latest Windows update which is causing some computers to dramatically slow down. Microsoft has confirmed last week’s update is causing some systems with third party antivirus to freeze, but there are also many reports of general system slow-downs. In the past couple of days we’ve had an exhausting number of computers affected by this bug dropped into our store, and we’re expecting more. The good news is most of our customers are already back up and running after bringing their computer to us. Those who took the advice we issued over a year ago and in our latest manual have completely avoided…

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    A printer which cares for you AND the environment

    For many people, home printers have become an annoying joke. Buying one for the cost of the inks it comes with is one of the more confusing realities of printer ownership in 2017. A mix of cut-price printers and overpriced inks has driven many to after-market cartridges, which can damage or confuse the printers they go in. It’s wasteful, often expensive, and thankfully soon to change according to Jon Cavell of Warragul Computer Repair. “It has been a market trend for cheaply made printers to be sold at below cost, with the money made back on subsequent ink sales at exorbitant mark-ups.” -Jon Cavell, Warragul Computer Repair “Someone at Epson…