Landline not working due to NBN changeover

Edit: After 4 Days of no incoming calls, our phones are finally taking calls again.


We just upgraded our internet to an NBN conection, which is great! …except now our phones don’t work.

While we were hoping for a smooth transition, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of issues like this coming with the NBN changeover. Our empathy with customers who have reported the same problem is all too real.

We’ve heard of phone lines being down for around six weeks thanks to the NBN changeover, and as someone who has previously worked for a major telco I don’t beleieve there are any good technical reason for long delays.

What makes this even worse is anyone trying to dial us just hears a never-ending ring. We’re not ignoring you – we’re just changing to the NBN! The delay would be slightly less painful if there were at least an automated message explaining why the number is down.


Why the government doesn’t demand fast phone line transfer is beyond me, especially given how many people and businesses are being forced onto the NBN.

How to contact us


We apologise for the inconvenience. In the meantime you may call my mobile: 0499 999 869. Our 6 Smith Street store is also open from 8am to 3pm weekdays.

The disruption to businesses caused by this delay is amplified by my now having to spend would-be work hours fixing the problem. Ironically, I’m spending a lot of time on hold.

It just would have been nice if the ISP told us this would happen!