Critical Alert – Hacker impersonates Telstra Email

Warragul Computer Repair – Critical Alert

Yet another hacker warning….that effects all PC users including an unfortunate Warragul local Mac User (sorry Mac people, virus’s and hackers attack Mac’s too)  This time the hacker used a fake email accusing the victim of violating some of the agreements with “us”, assumably Telstra.    See Picture below:

fake Telstra email
fake Telstra email

This email was very convincing, but on closer examination, the website that it links to, while looking similar to, it not actually the official Telstra site. See Below:

fake Telstra website
fake Telstra website


At this point, one would then of course without thinking enter their user-name and password.

So what happens Next:

  1. The hacker now has full access to your emails.
  2. The hacker can download all your emails to an offline PC for later examination, and use this information for the purposes of identity theft and building a profile about you for later hack attacks.
  3. The hacker can also use your email to reset passwords to websites that you may subscribe to, giving them access to these accounts
  4. The hacker can use your email to pretend to be you and trick people in your contact list into…..(use your imagination).
  5. The hacker now has a copy of your address book (namely every person you have ever sent or received an email to, and if left unchecked, will likely try to hack people in your address book.

Are you scared yet?  You should be.


How do you prevent this type of hacker attack?

The most effective way is not to click on links within your emails.  Not overly practicable, but in reality it is the only sure way.  Especially if you get an Alert from a Tel-co, Bank, Financial Institution, ATO, Courier Company, Australia Post;  Are you seeing a trend here?. Hackers rarely actually hack, they use complex lures and baits, which is why its called “Phishing” (a play on words to fishing).


Ok, so you took the bait. what can you do now?

  1. Report it: . This is fraud, it is illegal and our government is there to protect us.
  2. Change all your passwords, yes all of them, especially your email password (do it first).  The longer the hacker has access to your email password, the more damage they can do.
  3. Do the right thing – Swallow your pride and alert your friends that you were hacked (you are the victim remember, don’t be ashamed, some of the world’s smarted people have fallen victim to this also)
  4. Hope for the best, remembering the quicker you take action, the less useful your info will be to the hacker.

-Jon Cavell – Warragul Computer Repair