Critical Alert: Wannacry Ransomware; A simple question: Am I at risk?

Wannacry Ransomware; A simple question: Am I at risk?

The non-technical answer is


  • If your using a Windows based computer with the updates turned off or a non supported windows edition such as XP, or Vista.
  • If you are not using anti-virus /anti-malware with ransom-ware protection (ie QuickHeal or Commercial edition Malwarebytes (not both))
  • If you have poor Internet and/or your windows updates are late to arrive (about a month late)

but only, if combined with with following:

  • If you use remote access / screen connect software on your computer
  • If you are using computers that network together to share files with each other
  • If you have had hacker/virus/malware attack on your computer in the past that is still resident

In short, all computers that are up to date and their owners have followed existing Warragul Computer Repair’s recommendations should be safe.

And yet another timely reminder…

  1. Make regular backups of your computer onto a detachable external HDD
  2. Ensure your computer is running a current edition on Windows if connected to the Internet
  3. Make sure that your anti-virus has ransom-ware protection and is up to date
  4. Avoid using screen connect services unless you absolutely need them.


If you need help with any of this, drop in store.