No its not Microsoft Office, its Libre(Free)Office.

It does all those office things like word processing, and spreadsheets and presentations… but it’s not Microsoft Office, if you want Microsoft Office, then you need to pay (usually $150-$300 and sometimes more), so enjoy your free office.

Almost anything you make in LibreOffice can be opened in Microsoft Office, and also a lot of older Microsoft Office files can be opened in LibreOffice. However, this is not Microsoft Office, so sometimes things just don’t quite look, or work the same way… So if you use Microsoft Office and don’t like change, or you need to use Microsoft Office for any other reason, then this is not for you.

If you want a free top quality Office program, then LibreOffice is just pure awesomeness for you!

Click here to download the latest version from the LibreOffice website. If you use Linux, search the software manager.